Jose Lazu

As the eLearning Product Manager at Security Innovation, Jose A. Lazu helps technologists make sense of evolving trends and emerging technologies surrounding the cybersecurity threatscape. He works with the dev team on expanding our eLearning library coverage to equip Enterprise Cybersecurity teams across all levels of modern-day business computing.

Posts By Jose Lazu

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Jose Lazu   |     29, Apr 2021

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Jose Lazu   |     22, Jan 2021

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Jose Lazu   |     15, Oct 2020

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Jose Lazu   |     23, Jul 2020

Computer-Based Training: April 2020 Rele...

Jose Lazu   |     23, Apr 2020

Computer-Based Training: 2019 in Review

Jose Lazu   |     28, Jan 2020

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