EVEN MORE! Vulnerability Identification Labs

This past October, Security Innovation released our first-ever series of vulnerability identification labs. These vulnerability labs are now termed Learn Labs, as they reinforce concepts taught in our online training courses. Each of these labs is designed to simulate the most common threats to software applications (according to OWASP,) then teaches learners to recognize and rectify them. Through each of these hands-on experiences, the concepts learned from prior computer-based training modules are transformed into valuable skills that learners can apply to their actual jobs to keep their organization secure.

These new labs also help in a few other ways:

  • They fill critical skill gaps on modern DevOps teams.
    Each lab represents a common threat found in the real world that DevOps teams must master.
  • They drastically improve learning engagement and participation.
    These labs bring traditional training to life. Learners are walked through new software security concepts using fun, bite-sized examples of real-world scenarios they might encounter in day-to-day work roles.
  • They prepare learners for competition in the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range.
    Each lab uses “snippets” of actual cyber range environments, which not only prepares learners with necessary skills for competition but prevents them from being lost or intimidated when entering the Cyber Range for the first time.

Security Innovation used the new guidance from OWASP to prioritize seven NEW labs to help learners to step up their cybersecurity abilities, all newly available as of February 15:

  • LAB 114 – Identifying Cookie Tampering
  • LAB 115 – Identifying Reflective XSS
  • LAB 116 – Identifying Forceful Browsing
  • LAB 117 – Identifying Hidden Form Field
  • LAB 118 – Identifying Weak File Upload Validation
  • LAB 119 – Identifying Persistent XSS
  • LAB 120 – Identifying XML Injection

These labs have already proven to be an extremely effective (and popular) way to reinforce learning, so you can be on the lookout for many additional labs to be added in the coming months.