Christine Schulz

Christine is the Digital Marketing Manager at Security Innovation. As an online marketing expert, she brings a unique perspective to the community when it comes to online security. Years of working with social media and other online platforms have helped her better understand the constant threats faced by both everyday users and organizations, as well as the best ways to protect against them.

Posts By Christine Schulz

What is PII and How Can I Protect my Pri...

Christine Schulz   |     26, Jan 2017

The Best of 2016: Top Blog Posts of the ...

Christine Schulz   |     19, Dec 2016

Keep Your Credit Cards Safe When Online ...

Christine Schulz   |     22, Nov 2016

Could Being Nice to Employees Prevent a ...

Christine Schulz   |     14, Nov 2016

Four Frightening IoT Scenarios that beca...

Christine Schulz   |     26, Oct 2016

How to Not Get Hacked on Social Media

Christine Schulz   |     19, Oct 2016

What I Learned Working in the Cybersecur...

Christine Schulz   |     10, Oct 2016

What Do I Do if My Account Has Been Hack...

Christine Schulz   |     03, Oct 2016

Three Account Security Features Everyone...

Christine Schulz   |     23, Sep 2016

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