Dinesh Shetty

Dinesh is a Senior Security Manager at Security Innovation and currently leads our Mobile Security Center of Excellence conducting ongoing research on Mobile Application, communication channels, and commonly-used hardware components.

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Setting up Frida Without Jailbreak on th...

Dinesh Shetty   |     05, Mar 2019

Downgrading iOS 12.1.4 Devices

Dinesh Shetty   |     25, Feb 2019

Home Is Where The Heart, of Technology, ...

Dinesh Shetty   |     01, Oct 2018

Demystifying IoT Attack Vectors

Dinesh Shetty   |     06, Jul 2018

2016 OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks vs. OWASP...

Dinesh Shetty   |     30, Nov 2016

2016 OWASP Mobile Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Dinesh Shetty   |     04, Nov 2016

QuadRooter: The 4-Headed Monster That Th...

Dinesh Shetty   |     15, Aug 2016

Jailbreaking your iPhone: Worth the Secu...

Dinesh Shetty   |     01, Aug 2016

The Blessing and Curse of Apple Security

Dinesh Shetty   |     22, Feb 2016

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