Chad Holmes

Chad Holmes is a Product Marketing Manager for Security Innovation with a focus on educating customers on emerging Cyber Range technologies and how they can improve security education within organizations. Prior to joining Security Innovation Chad was a Penetration Tester, Product Manager, Security Program Manager and team lead at Cigital, Veracode and Red Hat.

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Profile of a Hacker: Julian Runnels & Ku...

Chad Holmes   |     February 5, 2019

Profile of a Hacker: Matt Pardo

Chad Holmes   |     January 18, 2019

Profile of a Hacker: Matthew Thurber

Chad Holmes   |     January 16, 2019

Profile of a Hacker: Andre Gott

Chad Holmes   |     January 14, 2019

Hack Through the Holidays - Using Cyber ...

Chad Holmes   |     December 20, 2018

Hack Through the Holidays - Effectively ...

Chad Holmes   |     December 18, 2018

Hack Through the Holidays - Getting Star...

Chad Holmes   |     December 17, 2018

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