Measuring Your Teams Skill-Sets

Challenged with the need for a certain security skill-set amongst your employees? Ever wish there were better ways to identify future security champions? What if leaders could accelerate their training, provide greater opportunities for learning, and ultimately keep employees more engaged while achieving a higher level of overall performance?

Using Cyber Ranges to Measure Success

We understand this need and that one of the biggest challenges security leaders face is measuring the practical skill sets of their team. Much of the info often collected is a combination of anecdotal, situational and reactive data points. The measurements vary, but typically include factors that are difficult to comparatively measure and therefore apply to achieve desired, higher performance levels.

Ideally the tools you need to asses skill levels from a cyber range will; identify the number of vulnerabilities, types of issues found, training participation, seniority and activity within security communities.

Help Reveal Hidden Potential 

Once this info. is collected and analyzed it will often help identify team members on far ends of the performance spectrum, but can leave a cloudier picture of team members in the middle. Even worse, it is a system that can easily miss practitioners with great potential that may not find themselves in the right situations, or more likely, may not be vocal enough to fulfill that potential.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to understand the challenges of assessing team members based on a handful of pass/fail Computer Based Training (CBT) scores, ad hoc feedback and anecdotal data points - it’s a nearly impossible task!

How CMD+CTRL Addresses These Impossible Tasks

The challenges faced in measuring individual and team performance are some of the greatest drivers for Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL Cyber Range: 

CMD+CTRL is comprised of real websites, traffic, technologies, and vulnerabilities that represent actual application behavior. By initiating “learning by doing" 
we are able to assess a combination of participants individual knowledge and skills relative to one other. 

Users of CMD+CTRL are also most often able improve a teams overall security 
acumen during live, cyber range events, and after as we work with leaders to analyze results and identify the courses and additional resources needed to improve performance.

Naturally, these activities are not a one time experience. By hosting periodic events, creating long term learning paths and actively assessing skills, leaders can ensure long term improvement of their team at all levels. Even better, progress can be made in identifying those team members with the most potential that may have fallen through the cracks - whether they’ve been around for years or are a talented, newer empoloyee  that is still ramping up.

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