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Serge is a Content Lead here at Security Innovation. He is an IT and Information Security professional, certified by the Committee on National Security Systems Instruction.

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PHP Security – Configuring the php.ini f...

Serge Truth   |     October 31, 2013

PHP Security – The Good, the Bad and the...

Serge Truth   |     October 8, 2013

Accounts are Locked After Consecutive Fa...

Serge Truth   |     October 4, 2011

All Pages that Use Authentication Have L...

Serge Truth   |     September 27, 2011

Web Application Security Controls Based ...

Serge Truth   |     September 20, 2011

Automatically Lock Inactive User Account...

Serge Truth   |     September 13, 2011

How to Define a Security Policy

Serge Truth   |     September 6, 2011

Use Named Queries with Java Persistence ...

Serge Truth   |     August 30, 2011

Verify the Application's Authenticity to...

Serge Truth   |     August 23, 2011

Use Named Queries with Hibernate

Serge Truth   |     August 16, 2011

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