When the Security Innovation team wrapped up October’s Attack in Autumn event we were intrigued to see how our community could impress us even more. With 9 perfect scores, nearly half of participants solving at least 10 challenges, and a variety of other impressive feats during Attack in Autumn, the participants set a high bar. Leave it to people who are willing to hack over the holidays for fun to raise that bar even higher! 

Among the accomplishments coming from Hack Through the Holidays 2019 are:

  • 92 members in our Slack channel (nearly double Attack in Autumn)
  • 50% of participants solving 10 or more challenges
  • 15 perfect scores!
  • 3 new feature requests
  • 1 promotional poster from The Undercroft that is both Rockwellian and Dystopian

Our team is thankful (and a little overwhelmed!) by the welcoming Cybersecurity community that made it possible to deliver over 75 public events in 2019. We hope to see more of you in 2020 at events like AppSec California, Boston CyberSecurity, and numerous local OWASP chapter meetings. If your team, organization or class would like to be part of these events, please reach out to us at getsecure@securityinnovation.com.

And of course, congratulations to our Hack Through the Holidays 2019 Top Performers!

Fantastic 50
Solved more than 50 Challenges

  • Joker
  • Tib3rius
  • noxangelus
  • Tremere
  • notbella
  • Peesha_Deel
  • xsi
  • HolidayElleF
  • Frostedmonotony
  • FullPwn Operations
  • joeg
  • Autumn
  • sunshinefett
  • TheKingInTheNorth
  • amlweems
  • b0ats
  • gekko


Threatening 39
Solved 75% of the challenges

  • Bill
  • stilloco
  • StankyPig
  • poky
  • 999999999
  • ultralaz0r
  • waywardsun
  • Lykathea
  • tymito
  • chrisdryden
  • datadak
  • Cochise
  • ooPo
  • Lord
  • eldiridge
  • The_Rookie
  • ALari


Halfway Heroes
Solved half of the challenges

  • imnoob
  • Homebrewer2
  • WhiteHatScott
  • CrimsonQueen
  • vezoline
  • Runtime Errorist
  • kjy
  • LW_JS
  • fried duck
  • magimatica
  • suraksis
  • Shazbot
  • jksec
  • otherone
  • HackTheHalls
  • buf0rd
  • theclevershark
  • Appy
  • Homebrewer
  • axion32
  • ctjm
  • Catman
  • custerdome

Thanks to everyone that participated! We hope to see you at a local event soon. Until then, take a timeout, rehydrate, lace up your sneakers and get ready for March Hackness 2020!

Interested in Team Training? Check out our tips & tricks using Cyber Ranges.

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