Over the last year our team has been excited to see a small but passionate community forming around our Cyber Range events. This community has solved tens of thousands of challenges, provided invaluable feedback, shared their stories in profiles to help others learn, and given back in numerous other ways. For Attack in Autumn 2019 this community came through again, with more participants than any other public event our team has ever run! Even better, we nearly tripled the number of registrants from July’s Hot Dogs and Hacking event.

This impressive group attacked the AccountAll Cyber Range in our updated platform that has a variety of new features, updated user experience, and improved hints. Among the many impressive stats we gathered were:

  • 703,785 points scored
  • 54 participants collaborating in the event Slack channel
  • 44.6% of participants solving 10 or more challenges
  • 9 perfect scores!
  • 8 beta environment bugs identified and squashed
  • 5 new platform features added to our roadmap for future consideration
  • 2 in-person group events at The University of Tampa Cybersecurity Club and The Undercroft
  • A flood of new learners - nearly 60% of participants had under 3 years of experience!

With such great participation, feedback and collaboration, there’s only one thing our team can say - Thank You! We will be reaching out with event certificates soon, but want to specifically congratulate the following top performers:

Perfect Performers
Solved all 74 Challenges

  • datadak
  • noxangelus
  • TheKingInTheNorth
  • Lari
  • Joker
  • eldiridge
  • Lamp
  • ShiftAG
  • notbella


Amazing Attackers
Scored 9,000+ points

  • YoungNastyMan
  • ElleF
  • Diesel
  • Visate
  • nix
  • BergKnacker4
  • dl8on
  • glat
  • Runtime Errorist
  • TFG
  • tymito
  • k3v1n1ab5


High Scoring Hackers
Scored 6,000+ points

  • Autumn
  • Blue whale
  • Rauell
  • RayKwan
  • helloworld
  • icyfox1
  • gotah
  • kmitton
  • Ap3x
  • jules
  • nnk33
  • Peesha_Deel
  • Greezy
  • chkm8
  • rwanauo
  • Hixy
  • Dodge
  • diababash
  • cryptoderp
  • buf0rd
  • Synch
  • Wingadium
  • Nytshadow42

Congratulations, and thank you to all of your participants. Take some time to rest and recharge because Hack Through the Holidays 2019 is coming soon!

Interested in Team Training? Check out our tips & tricks using Cyber Ranges.

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