As you’ve seen, we’re announcing a bunch of new features and improvements in our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range to give you an experience that you’ll remember. Over a few weeks, we’ll dive into these new features to provide you with an idea of what to expect. Today we’ll show you how quickly and easily you can create your own cyber range event. 

Previously when you needed to create a new event in the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range, you had to contact us here at Security Innovation and provide the event time, the user list, which site to use, etc. While it’s great collaborating with customers helping them launch events, we believe you should have the power to launch your own events.

Introducing a whole new setup experience – one where you have all the tools necessary to run a cyber range event.

Create a new cyber range event

Register users your way

Bulk User Registration
Easily upload a pre-formatted CSV file with your players’ information, and they will be instantly registered.

Add multiple users to a cyber range event

Single User Registration
You also have the option to add individual users manually if you’d like. Just choose Add User under the Users tab and enter their information. 

Add a single user to a cyber range event

Add users to an event on the fly

It’s easy to add an existing user to a new event. Simply look up the user in your Users list and select from the Event dropdown.  Click Save User, and you’re done.

Add existing users to a cyber range event


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