As you’ve seen, we recently launched a slew of new features and improvements in our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range - new metrics, new player report cards, new hints - all with the aim of providing an experience that you’ll remember. Over a few weeks, we’ll dive into these new features to give you an idea of what to expect. This week we’re showcasing a new administrator “Play” mode.

Wearing the event administrator hat in the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is exciting. Not only do you get special management functions like answer keys, exclusive dashboards, and best practices on running a cyber range, but you also get to play the cyber range before everybody else – to see what your teams see. With the old CMD+CTRL Cyber Range doing this required a second, separate account. It was not a smooth experience. So we fixed it.

Now switching between admin and player roles is a simple menu choice. Choosing “Manage” mode displays the functions the event administrator has typically:

  • Reporting – Track team & individual performance
  • Scoring – Review the Leaderboard and manually award points
  • Events – Create and edit events
  • Users – Manage bulk user registration and edit users
  • Help – Access both admin & player guides


Become a player

Ready to try your hand at playing? Simply choose the “Play” mode, and you’ll see exactly what the rest of your team sees.  

  • Sites – Display all available CMD+CTRL Cyber Range sites
  • My Stats – Review your Player Report Card, Challenges, and the Leaderboard
  • Hacking 101 – All resources you will need as a player

And of course, you have the option to play the event.


New Leaderboard options

If you’d prefer to exclude your score from the Leaderboard, or possibly exclude players because they were late joining the event, the Leaderboard settings give you full control over what scores are shown.

For example, here is a Leaderboard that includes every player’s score:

Let’s say however some players are removed from the event, and you’d prefer that their scores are no longer visible or affect the ranking. You can easily toggle their visibility in the Leaderboard:

Those two players are now removed from the other players’ view and their scores no longer affect the ranking:


We have even more updates to announce soon, so keep watching this space! 

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