Kevin Poniatowski

Kevin brings an optimal blend of speaking ability, technical savvy, and an insatiable passion for security to Security Innovation's training customers. This produces an engaging and enlightening environment from which to deliver both technical and awareness courses. Kevin entered the application security field in 2007 with Security Innovation, where he has split time between application security course development and delivering instructor-led courses. Kevin is the Principal Security Instructor at Security Innovation.

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     February 26, 2019

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     February 7, 2019

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     January 24, 2019

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     July 27, 2018

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     October 17, 2017

Get Secure at Work & at Home

Kevin Poniatowski   |     October 3, 2017

The Promise & The Peril of HTML5

Kevin Poniatowski   |     June 26, 2017

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Kevin Poniatowski   |     March 6, 2017

What Software Engineers Can Learn from t...

Kevin Poniatowski   |     February 2, 2017

Learn about Ransomware and How to Protec...

Kevin Poniatowski   |     June 13, 2016

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