With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month ready to kick off in October, the Security Innovation team knows that our ever-expanding community will have many opportunities to improve their knowledge. To help Cyber Range fans build their skills before all the great talks, trials, and community events, we decided to kick off the festivities a little early!

Many Cyber Rangers in our community have cracked passwords in Shadow Bank, adjusted salaries in AccountAll, and shipped free skateboards in Shred. But very few have solved all of the challenges in InstaFriends. So this year’s Attack in Autumn event will encourage participants to find the last few challenges that have escaped them in the past. What better way to show that practice makes perfect than to become a Perfect Performer?!

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve already thoroughly investigated InstaFriends, we have an even bigger challenge for you. The Security Innovation team is rolling out functionality most community members haven’t seen. Those wanting to test their offensive mobile and integration skills will be able to launch Runstoppable, the CMD+CTRL fitness app that integrates with InstaFriends.

From 8am ET on Thursday, September 24 to Noon ET on Saturday, September 26, get ready to Attack in Autumn! The additional InstaFriends access will help grow your skills while the complexity of multiple system stacks will challenge the most experienced Cyber Rangers. Even better, newer learners will still receive the guidance and benefits of learning in InstaFriends, while seasoned pros will enjoy the challenge of minimal Runstoppable help.Sign up for Attack in Autumn

If you’re ready to get a jump on the event there are plenty of resources available now!

Happy Hacking!