The first six months of 2020 were a whirlwind for the Security Innovation team. With nearly 50 community events hosted and thousands of eager minds engaged, our team has been impressed by our fan base’s growth. In fact, our community members have become so dedicated that they’ve even adopted an unofficial nickname - The Cyber Rangers!

As the number of Cyber Rangers has grown, so have the number of multi-event participants. This elite tier has taken it upon themselves to become player-coaches, often helping less skilled players learn basic concepts, improve their skills, and score higher in events!

To show our appreciation for an audience as dedicated to educating others as we are, the Security Innovation team hosted an invite-only event over Labor Day weekend. Team Tournament 2020: DigiExchange had some basic rules: 48 hours, no hints, no prizes, no help. Just bragging rights!

Of course, we didn’t want to just thank the players, we wanted to challenge them too! Players were required to gather in teams of 2-6 people and have a solid game plan to tackle DigiExchange, our most difficult web-based Cyber Range. To our surprise, the teams performed better than we could imagine! Every one of the 16 teams solved at least 10% of the challenges, with 20 players solving at least half. Most surprising, we had two teams with perfect scores - The Quarantined Syndicate and Exquisite Execution. While that in itself is impressive, the six members of The Quarantined Syndicate managed to do so in just under 9 hours due to a combination of technical skill, planning, organization, and execution!

Congratulations, and thank you to all of our participants. You’ve helped our community grow and others learn. We look forward to your feedback and ideas for more competitive events in the near future!

And a special thanks to the nine participants with perfect scores:

  • 5C4R48 - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • Quarantined ElleF - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • FROSTEDMONOTONY - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • Viking - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • sog - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • all3goria - The Quarantined Syndicate
  • f4ebfd - Exquisite Execution
  • Heng Ye - Exquisite Execution
  • h3dgeh0g - Exquisite Execution



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