When we ran Hot Dogs and Hacking 2019, the number of people who participated surprised us in the best ways possible. Just take a look at last year’s wrap up where we applauded the 6 perfect scorers and acknowledge everyone who solved 17 or more challenges. 

A lot can change in a year, and they certainly have with our Cyber Range events. We’ve seen a self-fueled community quickly form and help spread cybersecurity education worldwide. This community spirit led to 2020 Hot Dogs and Hacking numbers that leave our team awestruck:

  • 450+ participants solved at least one challenge 
  • 16 participants solved every challenge
  • 76% exploited at least one XSS vulnerability
  • Nearly 90% tampered with input and 47% were able to exploit at least one SQL Injection issue in a similar way

The numbers go on and on, but can’t capture the community spirit seen in the event Slack channel. Throughout the event, participants like 5C4R48, FROSTEDMONOTONY, and ElleF on a Quarantined Shelf not only played but encouraged, coached, and guided others in ways that were both educational and helpful. In the cybersecurity world, where talent is scarce and educational opportunities for outsiders are limited, seeing experienced voices sharing their knowledge is a hopeful glimpse into the future.

Of course, the event wasn’t just numbers and hopeful signs - there are bragging rights to be had. So congratulations to all of the top performers, and start planning to Attack in Autumn!

The results!

Perfect Pit Masters

All 35 Challenges solved

  • 5C4R48 -Black Mirage
  • all3goria (Looking for work as a penetration tester)
  • arjunbm
  • Cabby42
  • f4ebfd
  • h3dgeh0g
  • heng
  • hitm4nth
  • Killua
  • luvbutrfly
  • mcdonapoppa
  • plusplus7
  • rdan
  • tiagovf

Glorious Grillers

31+ Challenges solved

  • fratosul
  • Gab
  • flips
  • Int0h
  • MR.Robot
  • r00tsh3ll
  • r00t$@ur@v
  • yyhh
  • danyork23
  • ElleF on a Quarantined Shelf
  • honeysam
  • lillox
  • ooPo (Naomi)
  • pitiq

Super Sausages

26+ Challenges solved

  • #0x10
  • This_Is_Me
  • zer0signal
  • Zetor
  • Bill
  • gg
  • icebear
  • Limerence
  • mgdev
  • natmsiles
  • sherlockhemlock
  • rylore
  • tymito
  • 70f7
  • jamesratzlaff
  • Lazula
  • Mounika
  • redbluepurpleblack
  • anothertest
  • azmaveth
  • Demon
  • djf
  • Doomguy
  • eepa
  • Irc45
  • Ketchup
  • Saloni
  • sycophantic
  • xyz123
  • Yuto
  • zSec

A huge thanks to everyone that contributed to this amazing event! We'll be reaching out soon to the top performers.

If you missed out on Hot Dogs & Hacking this time around, check out our Community Site that includes a free, always-on version of InstaFriends - our social media CMD+CTRL Cyber Range containing 55 challenges waiting to meet your skills. You can also drop your email address to get early access to our next cyber range event.

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