Hot Dogs & Hacking is a wrap, and we are blown away by the number of people who spent time away from the beach and cookouts to attack our Shred Cyber Range. In the past we’ve highlighted top scorers and the occasional person who solves all of the challenges, but this time we have to take a different approach since a whopping SIX participants solved all 35 challenges! Congratulations to each!

  • 5C4R48
  • Lamp
  • noxangelus
  • A!
  • @NerdG1rl

Of course, our Cyber Ranges aren’t just about solving all of the challenges - they’re also about expanding the skill sets of application security professionals while also introducing the world of cyber security to a variety of students, developers and managers who are trying to make their applications safer from attack. That’s why we were thrilled to see that the top scorers didn’t stop once they solved all the challenges. Instead, they took to the event Slack channel to guide, teach and help others learn and solve more challenges. With nearly half of the participants jumping on Slack, we saw some great results from these collaborations:

  • 32.7% of participants solved more than one third of the challenges
  • The individual challenges solved most included XSS in a Search Field (77.9%), Viewing Another User’s Account Info (75.0%) and Information Disclosure via SQL Tampering (74.0%)
  • The types of challenges most solved differed though, with Security Misconfiguration and Function Level Access Control challenges leading the way while Weak Cryptography and Other/Uncategorized challenges were most often unsolved
  • At least one participant found their first Cyber Security role as a direct result of working with others during the event!

Finally, we don’t want anyone to go home empty handed from this event, so all participants will receive Hot Dogs & Hacking avatars - just reach out to our team at and we’ll send some your way. And of course, a huge congratulations to all of our participants who will be receiving additional gifts for their great work!


Mustard Masters (All 35 Challenges solved)

Handle Challenges Solved
5C4R48 35
Lamp 35
noxangelus 35
A! 35
@NerdG1rl 35

Sauerkraut Sleuths (25-34 Challenges solved)

Handle Challenges Solved
Austin Dog 34
datadak 34
juju666 29
dl8on 29
Dodge 28
LenaOxton 28
BergKnacker 26
i_and_i 26
omni 26
ezez 25

Ketchup Kings & Queens (17-24 Challenges solved)

Handle Challenges Solved
kirill578 24
vapid 23
Grae 22
Adonai_xxxx 21
Synch 20
w1z@rd_ 19
parker2037 18
2019 17


Thanks again to everyone who hacked away on the Shred Range. We look forward to seeing you and your teams at future events.

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