I joined Security Innovation last year as a Product Marketing Manager. While one year pales in comparison to the 20-year history of Security Innovation, I've been able to experience something I may never see again…

Security Innovation has mastered the art of empowerment. Not only in their in-house day-to-day operations but having empowerment as the root of the entire business.

Simply put, our products and services are designed from the ground up with the singular goal of transferring knowledge and thereby empowering our customers and clients to make significant strides toward safer software. This knowledge transfer reverberates and spreads – as we teach and impart to new generations; they are better able to 'pay it forward' too.

This organization never keeps anything to itself! From the deep expertise of the research team on emerging threats and seemingly impossible fixes to the continuous innovation happening on the training side – new coursework, amazing cyber ranges, and dedicated success teams – this is a company that is relentlessly (and unselfishly) focused on all tides rising.

As a team, we consciously choose this approach because all organizations are comprised of people who can ultimately be either an asset or liability. We're on a mission to make everyone an asset.

How? We do this through our assessment services and our training solutions, helping organizations empower their own teams to reduce software risk across the entire SDLC. Yes, we hit the trifecta of people, process, and technology but never lose sight of people's pivotal role in achieving the end goal. By paying particular attention to people, not just code, the entire SDLC is secured, and people are empowered to become self-sufficient across every role, including Product Owners, UX Designers, Testers, QA Engineers, and DevOps.

Security Innovation Solutions are Designed to Empower Teams

In the past 12 months, our team has launched two entirely new learning products, CMD+CTRL Labs and Base Camp Learning Platform.

We have also recently updated our existing learning content with dozens of new courses and added two entirely new Cyber Ranges to our portfolio.

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How is Security Innovation able to drive seemingly unsurmountable change? By ensuring empowerment is practiced internally as well. This isn't a company that wants to manage people. Instead, it chooses to empower them. Weekly 1-on-1 sessions with my manager are never "What did you do this week?" or "Why did you do it like that?" Rather, the conversation entails, "What can I help you with?" This makes me feel especially valued as a contributor and individual. This also gives me confidence that I can meet my goals, which ultimately benefit our clients and customers.

How do we further this connection and goal? A great example is our Security Technician training program. It is designed to help prospective Security Engineers find their security passion and confidently apply for technical roles in the future. Technicians dive deep into one aspect of security, software, or tooling that they are interested in. After six months, they can present their findings to our engineering team for feedback or participate in mock interviews that we facilitate. We've helped dozens of prospective Security Engineers kick off their careers through this program. Just one example of many that I've been able to experience since joining.

At Security Innovation, we practice what we preach. Empowering people to solve security issues is ingrained in our culture and is part of everything we do. If you are reading this as a current Security Innovation employee or a current customer, you probably already know what I am talking about. If not, you are missing out on being empowered!

Happy 20th Security Innovation!

About Jason Shepard, Product Marketing Manager

Jason Shepard is a Product Marketing Manager at Security Innovation. A Seattle sports enthusiast, he considers the Mariners, Seahawks and University of Washington Huskies as his primary pastimes. He also drives Uber for fun on the weekends.