ransomware-message.jpgToday, I want to talk about a recent form of malware that has been causing major trouble: Ransomware.

That’s right- RANSOMware. It is exactly how it sounds:

A type of malicious software that restricts access to a victim’s infected computer while demanding that the victim pay money to the operators of the malicious software before that software is removed and access is regained.

OK..so I gave you a definition...but maybe you need something a little more tangible to understand the magnitude of this threat. Let’s start with a few cold, hard facts:

  • Nearly 50% of organizations have been hit with ransomware in the past 12 months - Osterman Research
  • 56,000 ransomware infections have occurred since March 2016, alone - Symantec
  • $209 million was paid to ransomware criminals in just Q1 of 2016 - CNN
  • Less than half of ransomware victims fully recover their data (even with backup) - Barkly
  • There has been a 600% growth rate in new ransomware families since December 2015 - Proofpoint

And I’m going to make an assumption here. I bet this type of malware falls into the category of security threats that most of us brush off as something that simply "wouldn't happen to us."

But guess what...It COULD happen to YOU! In fact, if you let your guard down and disregard security best practices, ransomware can be secretly installed on all of your connected devices - not just your computer!

Instead of binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix…you will be dealing with a ransom on your Smart TV.

Instead of shopping on Amazon in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home in your home...you will be dealing with a ransom on your router

Instead of checking the time…you will be dealing with a ransom on your new Apple Watch.

Instead of tagging your friend in your latest Instagram masterpiece...you will be dealing with a ransom on your cell phone.

Do these examples make this threat seem a little more real to you? I sure hope they do! Because, whether you are ready to believe it or not, ransomware is out there and waiting for YOU to show your weaknesses!

Want to learn more about how you can avoid a ransomware threat? Check out our upcoming webinar: Get Smart About Ransomware: Protect Yourself and Your Organization on October 20th at 1:00pm ET