Gartner Recognized – Customer Appreciated

For the sixth year in a row, Security Innovation was named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training. While it's always an honor to receive this designation, our real motivator is the impact that we have on reducing IT risk and building staff confidence.

The secret's out - security threats are emerging at a record pace. Hence, security training can't be an end goal; measurement and continuous improvement should be. If previous security training efforts have resulted in yawns, shrugs, or security skills gaps not getting smaller, your business has a problem (I can see you nodding).

Fortunately, this is a problem we've figured out how to solve throughout the years. Our blended learning approach mixes a variety of security training methods to increase retention and engagement; thus, converting learned concepts into behavior.

The approach is powerful but actually quite simple:

  • Contextual training: ensure learning paths are specific to the responsibilities and technology stack of each role you're looking to train. This allows learners to effectively mitigate threats unique to their perspective (role-, platform-, and technology-specific.)
  • Learn by doing: hands on practice ranges transform knowledge into permanent skill in a way that doesn't feel like training. Just like going to the driving range to practice after getting a lesson from a golf pro; or a flight simulator to ensure you are prepared to fly a plane.

Our CMD+CTRL cyber range provides real scenarios so learners can hone skills after classroom or computer-based training (CBT). This Attack & Defend approach creates an informed feedback loop that yields the most knowledge retention. It also ensures only necessary training is taken. If you demonstrate mastery of a skill on the range, why bother taking additional training on it? When blended learning is systematically deployed to development, security, IT, and DevOps teams, the outcomes are measurable and unrivaled.

See the Attack & Defend approach in action

To protect today's enterprise, we need a broad understanding of attacker techniques and specialization in modern technology stacks. This is where a cyber range really shines. Instead of "leading the witness" to the right answer with traditional exam or gamified training, a cyber range reflects the real-world approach to understanding preparedness. You have to know the particulars of the technologies, understand how the system works together, look for clues in error messages, make interlinking decisions, etc. As a result, you can accurately identify security stars but more importantly, baseline and reduce staff risk.

Your security training partner needs to provide ongoing expertise and cutting edge training methodologies to arm all cybersecurity stakeholders, not just "developers." Because we build software products ourselves, we understand the tradeoffs between functionality and security - and how to take a risk based approach to software development and deployment. This unique insight is reflected in our training solutions, where we focus on today's realities not utopian rhetoric. For companies seeking beginner through elite security training and a sure fire way to get teams stoked about skills development, we are the partner for you.

With a 4.8 out of 5 Gartner Peer Insights rating, come see what our customers - and your peers - are saying about us.