There’s no better way to put it - March Hackness 2020 was a slam dunk! The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range community shattered records of our previous quarterly events including most participants, most points scored, fastest time to solve all challenges (under 2 hours!) and many more. Many thanks to everyone that participated for choosing to spend three days with us!

More importantly, with the outstanding turnout we have lots of stats to share. Our favorites include this being the first million point event, our profiled hacker (ElleF) showing her All-Star skills and the mid-event launch of our free community site! Now on with the event wrap up:

March Hackness team totals:

  • Total Players: 796
  • Points Scored: 1,069,485 -The first million point event!
  • Challenges Solved: 5,907
  • Perfect Games (All 48 challenges solved): 9
  • Most Solved Challenge: Tampering with SQL Queries for Information Disclosure (275)
  • Least Solved Challenge: Super Secret SQL Injection (12)
  • Most Solved Category: Sensitive Data Exposure (28%)
  • Least Solved Categories: Injection (13%), Uploading Dangerous Files (11%)
  • Best Team Performance -Black Mirage with 3 perfect scores!
  • Free Community Site Launched: 1!

March Hackness Box Score

Hall of Famers

All 48 Challenges solved

  • 5C4R48 -Black Mirage
  • Frostedmonotony -Black Mirage
  • sycophantic -Black Mirage
  • TheKingInTheNorth
  • Joker
  • eldiridge
  • Lari
  • ohai
  • Avi!

First Teamers

44-47 Challenges solved

  • sog -Black Mirage
  • Pubg_Hacker
  • Tib3rius
  • Homebrewer
  • candoizo
  • poky
  • FMCore
  • qpix
  • duckness
  • sunshinefett
  • tymito


38-43 Challenges solved

  • 70f7
  • badumbootup
  • Peesha_Deel
  • UranusBytes
  • scomurr
  • Rajkumar Baskaran
  • Antilochus
  • stilloco
  • Whiskey++
  • ooPo
  • enio
  • caffiendkitten
  • milt0r
  • K1llswitch
  • Boomer
  • Rajaram
  • kamehameha
  • ElleF
  • Amateur_2light
  • SKIZ3R

A huge thanks to everyone that contributed to scoring a million points during this event! The Security Innovation team will be reaching out soon with certificates for top performers.

Want stickers?! Make sure to fill out our event survey and let us know where to send them.

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