Who doesn’t love March!? The weather gets nicer, birds start chirping, Spring cleaning airs out the house, and lots of basketball is played. In fact, so much basketball is watched during work hours that some estimates have productivity losses in excess of $6.3 Billion - not exactly chump change!

This also leads to slow time in offices as meetings are mysteriously rescheduled and 24 hour flu outbreaks approach epidemic proportions. What is one to do when their Thursday afternoon falls apart with almost no warning? We have an idea - learn to hack!

March Hackness is a five day event from March 20th-24th that lets users learn, improve and test their skills in our InstaFriends CMD+CTRL Cyber Range. If you’re brand new to the world of hacking, we’ll have videos and tutorials to get you up and running quickly. If you’ve been hacking for years, you’ll have a chance to prove yourself against winners of our Hack Through the Holidays challenge like Matthew Thurber - the first person to solve all 48 of our Shadow Bank challenges!

The world of hacking can be intimidating, so CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges are designed to be easy to start and hard to finish. Our team has a variety of resources to help you on your way and can always be contacted at getsecure@securityinnovation.com with any questions.

Participation is simple. Just fill out this online registration form at and we’ll provide you with a special event code. Take that code to https://play.cmdnctrl.net, starting March 20th, sign up and you’ll be hacking away in minutes.

Happy Hacking!