As the days get warmer, the sun sets later, and birds chirp louder, the Security Innovation team has one more right of spring to get excited about - March Hackness!

This year’s event is going to focus on one of the essential factors for rapidly growing cybersecurity skillsets - new users. To encourage the curiosity that helps build skills, our team will roll out even more resources than in the past to help ethical hackers of the future ramp up more quickly:

Of course, this event isn’t just focused on new learners - we want participants of all skill levels. If you haven’t destroyed Shadow Bank in the past, hack away! If you have, don’t let that keep you away - get involved by helping others learn:

  • Jump in the Slack channel and answer questions
  • Email us to host a local event
  • Sign up for automatic updates on this and future events
  • Get the word out on Twitter to encourage others to attend
  • Let us know if you have other ideas to encourage colleagues and learners

Sign up to hack away on our Shadow Bank Cyber Range and let us know how else we can help grow everyone's cybersecurity skillset.

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