We love feedback! Luckily, the security community errs on the side of collaboration, resulting in constructive, helpful feedback whenever it is requested - and often even when it’s not. From a company perspective this is great since we know exactly what our customers are thinking at most times. From a Cyber Range product perspective it's OUTSTANDING - the ideas for updates, new challenges, areas to explore and events to host has left us with a backlog full of gems to choose from at any time. In other words, our product team is living in a dream world full of great ideas!

Among the feedback we receive, one point continuously stands out - more live events. Whether it be OWASP meetings, conference CTFs, independent security meetups or a variety of other forums, our Cyber Range users love the different sites and want to share them with others. And since our team has yet to conquer the challenges of teleportation, we’re continuing to periodically roll out remote events. First our community Hacked Through the Holidays in Shadow Bank, then celebrated all the joys of spring with in InstaFriends during MarchHackness, and now will get a chance to kick off the summer in style with Hot Dogs & Hacking and our Shred Cyber Range.

Hackers of any skill level are welcome, whether they’re up-and-comers like BiaSciLab or seasoned vets like Andre Gott. The event will kick off at 9am EST on Monday, July 1st and wrap up at 12pm EST on Thursday, July 4th, just in time to start the long weekend - and enjoy some hot dogs.

As always, we want this to be open to all skill levels, so don’t be afraid to look through the below resources. And of course you can always reach out to us at getsecure@securityinnovation.com with any questions!

Reserve your spot by registering here and we’ll send you details on how to access the Shred Cyber Range starting Monday, July 1st. The last time we held an event like this, the spots filled up quickly so register today!

Happy Hacking!

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