Over the last three months, the Security Innovation team has seen a huge appetite among conferences and local security groups to shift their communities online. So much so that during that time, our team has averaged an event every three days! Ranging from Boston to Bangalore, our Shadow Bank Cyber Range has given dozens of communities and thousands of players a place to virtually congregate, learn, have fun, and keep chapters thriving!

At the end of each of these events, one common question consistently stands out - where can we learn more?

Our team loves this enthusiasm and released our community site earlier this year for players to learn, hack, and grow their skill sets. To further help participants, we're excited to open up our Shred Cyber Range for this year's Hot Dogs & Hacking event. It's been exactly one year since we rolled Shred out to a public audience, so we hope everyone has fun with it!

The team has also pulled together some resources to get new learners ramped up and hacking quickly. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Introductory Videos
Quick event overview and guidance to introduce you to our Cyber Ranges platform
Event Overview »
Rules & Helpful Hints »

Getting Started Videos
Once you understand the event itself, use these to start hacking away!
Check out the series »

Plus, other resources we'll send once you sign up.

As always, we want to encourage players of all levels to participate! New players should hack away and ask questions in the event Slack channel. Returning players who have already munched through Shred can get involved in a few ways:

  • Contact us to schedule a local group event around Shred
  • Jump into Slack during the event and answer questions
  • Sign up for automatic updates on this and future events
  • Get the word out on Twitter & LinkedIn to join in!
  • Let us know if you have other ideas to encourage colleagues and learners

Start whetting your appetite for tasty vulns and sign up now.

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