We recently launched a host of new features and improvements in our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range - new metrics, new player report cards, new hints - all with the aim of providing an experience that you’ll remember. Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive into these new features to give you an idea of what to expect. This week we’ll cover head-up display scoring, player strategy & a view into what else is available.

Always know your score

When you’re locked in, you can’t afford a distraction like clicking away to check your score – especially in the waning minutes of a challenge.  That's why we added a Heads-Up Display in the upper corner that constantly shows your score and current ranking. That way you can keep your focus on the contest while knowing exactly where you rank. 


Change your strategy on the fly

Of course, knowing what challenges you’ve already solved is important. But equally important is knowing which challenges still await you. This extra bit of information helps you decide where you should focus next. Should you focus on high-scoring areas? Or perhaps completing an entire category is more important. The new Unsolved Challenges section gives you the information you need to refine your strategy and maximize your performance.


Get a helping hand

Hints are not a new feature in CMD+CTRL cyber ranges. Getting three free hints is. Many times players have said they were hesitant to buy hints with points because earning those points wasn’t easy. Instead, they would spend hours puzzling over one little detail. That’s not a fun experience. So every player now gets three free hints from the start. Perhaps they’ll be just enough to keep you moving forward. Be sure to use them. They won’t cost a thing.


What's next?

Our CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges span a variety of enterprise applications to replicate today’s modern technology and the industry’s common vulnerabilities – such as APIs, cloud infrastructure, mobile environment, SaaS, SQL Injection, XSS, Server misconfiguration. Seeing all the available cyber ranges we offer helps you decide what to play next. And the newly added Progress Bar displays your progress through completing all the challenges.



We hope you’re as excited about these new updates as we are.  There are many other new features and improvements we will be introducing in next few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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