Researchers at the University of New South Wales have developed two new types of qubits (quantum bits) that can perform operations with greater than 99% accuracy.  This brings the reality of quantum computers one step closer.  So what does that mean for you?   Quantum computing has the ability to break the two most popular asymmetric encryption algorithms, RSA and ECC, defeating the encryption used on nearly every website today.

Quantum computers are still several years away, and for most companies that long-term horizon means they are comfortable with the status quo … but they are missing an important fact … Internet communications are already being collected and stored by the NSA (in their PRISM surveillance program) and presumably by other nations or international organizations so that they can be decrypted as soon as the technology is available. Can companies afford to wait before paying more attention to how their sensitive data is protected?

If you are comfortable with your sensitive data remaining secret for only the next few years, then there is no need for action.  But if you would like the data you encrypt today to remain protected into the next decade and beyond, then the time to re-evaluate your encryption strategy is NOW. 

Lattice-based crypto algorithms, including Security Innovation’s NTRU, are resistant to all known quantum computing attacks, ensuring that your secrets won’t be revealed once quantum computers become a reality. 

Ask your Certificate Authority and TLS/SSL provider what solutions they offer to protect your data from quantum computing attacks.  Tell them you’d like your secrets to remain secret.

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