I often have opportunities to advise security professionals and management teams on educational needs, and one theme I hit continuously is education is not just a class, it's a continual program. It seems Josh Bersin, CEO & President of Bersin & Associates, agrees with me: Most of our clients are investing heavily in new corporate universities, onboarding programs, and what we call "continuous learning" programs. Why are employers starting to realize this now at an ever increasing pace? The above article provides some insight into that as well:

  • Students believe that the #1 way to learn job skills is on-the-job training (and 72% of managers agree)
  • 72% of Educational institutions think that their students are ready for work when they graduate, but only 42% of employers agree

These observations sync pretty well with my own experiences in the field — the degree programs most developers, managers, and IT professionals complete barely touch on security considerations. And when they do, the students are still left without the understanding necessary for them to do their part in protecting their organizations and customers from security threats. This is why I'm so proud that Safelight offers effective security training programs that are grounded in real-world experience of our instructors and course designers — we help close the gap between traditional education and the security needs of a modern organization.